Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nellie's Story: From the Streets to a Warm Bed

Nellie had grown up on the streets of a rough neighborhood. She had lived the hard life of getting occasional scraps of food, digging in the garbage, and finding shelter in abandoned buildings. Because she was not given care, she was thin and malnourished. She became the neighborhood’s wandering dog, too scared to let strangers near her to help.

Eventually Nellie had a litter of puppies. These puppies did not survive the tough environment and were taken and killed by a cruel person. Even after losing her puppies, Nellie continued her life on the streets looking for handouts.

One day, a Good Samaritan, heard about Nellie’s story. With the help of animal lovers in this same neighborhood, they trapped Nellie in a yard and Dr. Takata brought her to Hatton Veterinary Hospital. Over the next few weeks, she was nursed back to health with lots of love and care by our staff. She still visits weekly for baths and loves all the staff members who cared for her.

Now Nellie has a fantastic life with a great family! She lives with a couple of other canine companions, and loves being a family dog with little kids who play fetch with her! Nellie is a good watchdog that cares for her new family. It has been over two years since her days on the street, and she has gotten over many of her fears and gained a lot of confidence. Her family is patient with her and is really happy that Nellie became part of their lives!

Here are "before" and "after" pictures of Nellie: