Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lapcats Paint & Sip Fundraiser Event: Painting Our Beloved Pets!

On May 3rd, 2014, several Hatton Vet staff members, with their some family, attended the Paint & Sip Fundraiser for the Lapcats Rescue Organization.  The event was held at the new Sacramento County Animal Shelter on Bradshaw Road and lasted for about 4 hours.  Creative animal lovers attended the Saturday afternoon painting workshop that was lead by artist and instructor Aimee Rebmann of Creative Juices Events.

Before attending the event, attendees submit a photograph image of their pet (or any animal) so that they can print a black and white copy of it on canvas.  Attendees also bring a full page, full color print of the picture they submitted to use a reference while painting.

Aimee instructs the group on techniques and demonstrates how to do backgrounds like grass, and painting the eyes and fur.  Over the next few hours, Aimee and other instructors would come around and help or give advice to painters.

Dr. Ku painted Dillon, their rambunctious Coon-Hound. Her husband, John, created a very artistic painting of their Koi from their outdoor pond. 

Vet Assistant, Danielle, and her husband, Bobby, painted their crazy-but-loving girl, Vega, a Shepard mix.


Vet Tech, Judy, painted her mom's dog, Shadow, an adorable Cocker-Poodle.  Judy's daughter, Akemi, painted their cute-but-troublemaker calico kitty, Kuzu.

It was a wonderful experience and everyone had a great time painting pictures of their beloved pets!  If you are interested in attending the next Paint & Sip Fundraiser event, please contact Leslie at lapcats@ymail.com

To see more pictures from this event, click the links below: