Friday, August 24, 2012

A Tribute Blog: Lightning, the Hospital Cat

Written by: Suzanne Mead, RVT

In the summer of 1994, less than a year after we opened, Lightning came to us as a kitten in need.  Some of the current staff was here when he first came in.  His housemate, a big lab, was a little too exuberant for poor, tiny Lightning and he came to us limping.  We did not find any serious injuries, but the owner did not think he was safe at their house any longer.  Lightning worked his charm on all of us, most importantly Dr. Hatton, who finally decided he could be our hospital cat. 

As a kitten, he got into EVERYTHING, but we overlooked his mischief because he was so darn cute and loveable.  Ideally, a hospital cat should “earn his keep” by being tolerant to different treatments.  That way, we could demonstrate procedures with him to show other pet owners.  Lightning did not agree!  He loved all his caretakers, but being a cat, he called all the shots! 

He did not like strangers or even well meaning clients.  It was quickly obvious that we would provide his every need but he had no obligations to us except for affection on his terms.  For almost 18 years, he was a constant source of joy, frustration and always entertaining.  Lightning decided (on his terms as always) it was his time to leave us this past May.  He was a member of our family, and we will never forget him!  Rest in peace Lightning, we love you and miss you!

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