Thursday, May 16, 2013

Every Pet Deserves a Chance: Jeanette's Senior Project

Jeanette came to our hospital this year to observe our hospital in action.  She witnessed countless surgeries, observed on many routine appointments, and met lots of furry companions.  Jeanette is greatful for the opportunity, and we are happy she is able to get a closer view of her dreams.  Here is her story and pictures from her Senior Project.

"My name is Jeanette Cruz and I am a senior at West Campus High School. I have a single passion beyond all passions and that is animals. All my life I've wanted to pursue one career and that is to be a veterinarian. Helping animals in any way that I possibly can is second nature to me, it makes me happy and that is all that I ever want to do.
That being said, for my senior project, I wanted to make sure that I not only did something that made myself happy but also benefited what I love most in this world: the animals. I not only wanted to shadow the doctors and technicians at Hatton for my own personal benefit, to assure that I have been right about my ideal future, but I wanted to help the animals of low income families at Hatton in anyway that I could. My family struggles just like several others do, but I believe that the health of our pets should never be put on hold. For my senior project, I created a fund titled Every Pet Deserves a Chance. This fund would benefit animals of low income families in any way that it possibly could; for even just helping a single animal would mean the world to me. I asked for donations all around school, my work, and around my family members, I even held a bake sale to raise funds. In just 11 days, I raised $401.51. Every pet truly does deserve a chance and I am honored that I will help even just one."

Thank you Jeanette for letting us tell your story!!!
The Doctors and Staff at Hatton Vet

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